CTI's Story

CTI was founded in March 2003 by Mr. Chris Imbach, a retired Navy Limited Duty Admin Officer.  Utilizing his extensive career experience, he developed and implemented the processes that provided enterprise system travel and payroll support services to three Navy shore installations in the Southeast Region.  By leveraging technology, Mr. Imbach developed a plan to consolidate support of the 19 remaining Southeast Region shore installations into one highly efficient support center.  Once executed, CTI’s plan saved the government millions in precious manpower dollars.

In October 2003, the new Echelon II, Commander, Navy Installations Command recognized CTI’s expertise and contracted with them to provide travel and pay implementation, training and support to all shore installations worldwide.  They simultaneously tasked CTI to provide call center support for various other IT enterprise applications.  Today, CTI is a premier Support Center for IT Enterprise Applications, Navy Websites and Enterprise Land Mobile Radio logistics support services for Navy customers throughout the world.

Additionally, CTI provides onsite administrative support services to Commander, Navy Region Southeast, Federal Protective Services, Transportation Security Administration, Defense Intelligence Agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs and the various Department of Homeland Security agencies.

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